Cosmic Love

“Why would one split their Soul in two?” she wondered. Her expression was aghast as she considered it – what it meant, how it was done.

“It’s not painful or morbid as it sounds, my love. It is as simple as a kiss. It’s only so that we can merge, to find each other more easily someday, after we have been made to forget.”

“Someday? Where are you going? Why would we forget?”

He didn’t balk at her questions, but was perfectly calm. He was her rock, just as one day, she would become his, for she would remember before he did. “I am going On. You are, too. If we remembered… we would not be able to accomplish all the things we have been called to do. You would not be able to prove your own strength to yourself, if I were always around.”

Tears welled up in her eyes. She didn’t know where “On” was. Wherever it was, it didn’t sound good. Not as good as what she had here, with him. She turned her face away from him until she could trust that she would not weep for him to see. She wished that she could be strong, like him. How could he be so calm about this? Did he not love her as much as she loved him? How did he know that she even had any strength to prove to herself? “I do not want to go On.” I do not know how, she added silently.

He reached out to take her hand. He held her palm to his lips and kissed it. “I promise you, we will find each other again. And again, and again. And then some day, we’ll meet right back at this Star.” They would be different, but in essence, the same.

She hoped he was right. A stubborn tear slipped down her cheek as their lips met, and it was Done.


© Holley Hyler | 2015